BURGER KING // Cows Menu

The making of the #CowsMenu music video directed by Academy Award winner Michel Gondry, featuring viral yodeling sensation & rising country superstar @Mason Ramsey and La La Land’s renowned choreographer Mandy Moore.

Burger King’s two-minute video includes an amusement park with a burger rollercoaster, cows on a carousel, a ferris wheel made of cowboy hats, rolling hills, farting cows and a scene with cowboy kids wearing masks in outer space. But the overall mission from the production standpoint was to make sure the set was as sustainable as the new menu for the cows.

The cow models were made of recycled wood and eco-friendly foam. The clouds were made from all-natural cotton, and the crew used metal and composite wood wherever possible. The silverware and straws were made from avocado pits and instead of single-use plastic water bottles, they used biodegradable boxes of water. Even the paper towels were made with post-consumer materials.

Hopefully, this sustainable initiative will encourage more brands to take a step toward sustainability and join us in helping to fight climate change.

Learn more about our ongoing study at bk.com/sustainability.

Client – Burger King

Agency – We Believers

Production Company: Partizan

Director: Michel Gondry

Director of Photography: Shawn Kim

Production Designer: Maxwell Orgell

Managing Director |Executive producer: Lisa Tauscher

Head of Production: Kelly Martin

Producer: Raffi Adlan

1st AD: Andy Coffing

Choreographer: Mandy Moore

Editorial: Final Cut LA

Editor: Jeff Buchannan

2nd Editor: Diego Panich

Post Production: The Mill LA

Creative Director / VFX Supervisor: Glyn Tebbutt

Senior VFX Producer: Erin Hicke

Music & Music Publisher: Pickle Music

Composer: Alexis Estiz, Steve Mudd

Lyrics: Gustavo Lauria, Steve Mudd

Sound Designer: Jacob Bloomfield-Mirsrach, Biijan Sharifi, Dario Calequi

Sound Design & Mix: Pickle Music

Executive Producer: Alexis Estiz

Producer: Lia Mitchell, Courtney Jenkins

Performer: Mason Ramsey


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